Traffic Light Media's Top 5 Online Marketing Tools

Traffic Light Media’s Top 5 Online Marketing Tools

When you use them everyday, the tools you use become less and less new as they become more and more integral to your workflow. Here at Traffic Light Media, we have our Top 5 Online Marketing Tools. Each of these we not only use every day for our purposes, but we also use every day for clients.

Here are the Top 5 Online Marketing Tools we use daily:

1. CoSchedule

We use CoSchedule to handle all aspects of content calendars whether it be for the Traffic Light Media web properties, or our clients. With it’s simple user interface and WordPress plugin that integrates our calendar directly with the WordPress site, it makes our lives much better.

Prior to using CoSchedule, we were using a pretty intense Google Doc Spreadsheet that just wasn’t cutting it. Now, we’re able to all see what content is scheduled to be published, who is writing it, and all the associated social media posts pertaining to each piece of content. CoSchedule also integrates directly with Buffer allowing us to schedule the social media posts with the optimal times for our audience.

2. Buffer

Since we started using Buffer we have noticed a drastic increase in the number of times our posts are viewed and the interactions with those posts. Prior to Buffer we were effectively guessing at which times would be best for us to post, however we now know through Buffer’s algorithms exactly what times work best for us and our clients.

3. Canva

While a new tool for us, Canva has become integral to our workflow here at TLM. You see the graphic above? The one for this post’s featured image? That was created in Canva. Not only does it allow us to make blog images, but it also drastically decreases the amount of time spent on all other graphics we create for us and clients. Facebook cover photo? Done. Instagram post? Finished. So far, we haven’t found a need we couldn’t fill with it.

4. WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin

Ever wondered how good the SEO was on a blog post? Perhaps you’ve wondered if the content pages on your site were fitting for the wandering eyes of the search engines. Well with the Yoast SEO Plugin, you will wonder no more. This plugin allows you to enter your focus keyword and it gnaws on the entire post to be sure you’re ready for the big leagues. If there’s one WordPress plugin you need for SEO, it’s the Yoast SEO Plugin.

5. Google Analytics

Each and every retainer client of ours gets a copy of a Google Analytics report each and every month. The reason for this? It’s so good! It’s the way we tell what methods are working and which need some refining, and better yet – which avenues we need to abandon. Without Google Analytics, we would still be trying to find the light switch in our office.

Whether you’re a data nerd like me, or you just want to know where your visitors are coming from, this is where you’ll find out the information that is vital to your success.

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