Online Marketing for Attorneys

How many times have you looked for a resource specifically targeted toward online marketing for attorneys? Is that something that you ever thought you would need during law school?

When you graduate law school and have a few successful cases under your belt, you might think that the world is your oyster. Surely, now that you’re established in your field, the clients will just start pouring in, right?

Sadly, that’s not always the case. Today, clients are looking for more than just a qualification and a track record from their lawyer. The legal profession is a competitive place, and if you’re going to claim your fair share of the cases, you need to invest in marketing yourself, just like any other business owner would.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or have a small law firm, SEO, website design, and online marketing should all be part of your vocabulary. For an attorney in any practice area, internet marketing has as much of a place in your business strategy as bookkeeping and human resources. Overlooking this important area of your business could cause you to miss out on more lucrative clients.

Do you need a website?

Research by the American Bar Association shows that almost 40% of legal professionals do not have a law firm website 1, never mind a law firm online marketing plan. Historically, the legal profession has often survived on a referral system so this statistic is not wholly surprising. However, it is a bit archaic. Some other reasons you should invest in online marketing for your law firm this year:

  1. It’s how people will find you: Around 60 percent of adults use the web to find information on local businesses.2
  2. First impressions matter: Whether they find you via Google, or they’re referred to you, potential clients are bound to do online research in an effort to find out more about you before they make their initial contact. Make a good impression with professional law firm website design and reputation management from Traffic Light Media.
  3. It’s the foundation of a great marketing strategy: For any lawyer, web marketing goes hand in hand with offline marketing, and can form the basis of a well-built whole-business marketing plan.
  4. Your competitors are already there: Undoubtedly, your competitors are already online, and already have the upper hand in law firm SEO and online marketing. Don’t get left behind!

There are numerous other benefits to web marketing for lawyers, and you only have to look at some of the top law firm websites to see how seriously the industry takes this. It might seem daunting to someone who does not have much experience with law firm online marketing in the past, but we are here to help.

Update Your Online Marketing

Is your website good enough?

Even if you’ve already got an online presence for your law firm, are you able to and actively tracking how much revenue it generates for you? With only 35% of law firm website designs having been updated in the last three years 1, chances are yours is already out of date. Research shows that only one third of law firm websites are optimized for mobile devices3, which means if you don’t have a mobile site, you are already alienating a huge number of potential clients.

Other firms fail to optimize their content, and miss out on the high traffic they should be enjoy from their site. Badly organized content, a lack of personalization and no call to action on the homepage all lead to poor conversion from the traffic generated, and your website not realizing it’s potential as an amazing marketing resource.

Refresh Your Site

Internet Marketing for Law Firms from Traffic Light Media

With major advances in online marketing tools, knowledge, and technology over the last three years, if you haven’t updated your website recently, chances are it’s out of date and costing you clients. Here at Traffic Light Media, we can help you make the most of your site’s potential, ensuring you are at the leading edge of digital presence in your practice area. Talk to us about all the services we provide pertaining to online marketing for attorneys:

  • Law firm Website Development: From basic websites to in-depth case management, we can help you make the most of the digital realm.
  • Graphic design for lawyers: From law firm logos to printed media, talk to us first.
  • Online Marketing for Law Firms: Make sure you can be found, and improve your PageRank on Google.
  • Custom, attorney-written content: We have a wonderful resource of attorneys who write content specifically targeted to your practice areas.
  • Online Reputation Management: Through proactively requesting reviews through the Traffic Light Reviews system, we can post great reviews and mitigate potential fallout from bad ones.

Whatever your ambitions for your law firm, talk to Traffic Light Media so we can get you the clients you want.